Virtual Fun


View from the Space Station

Selection of LiveCams around the world

Daily Earth Day activities through April 30


Osprey Cam - Tom and Audrey
Osprey Cam - Ches Bay Foundation
Baltimore Zoo - You can see Goats, Giraffes, Flamingos, Lions and Penguins

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Live Cams, Games, and Education

Philadelphia Zoo
- Penguin point cam

Smithsonian’s National Zoo - You can see Naked Mole-rats, Lions, Giant Pandas and Elephants

Tembe Elephant Park


Mount Vernon - Home of George Washington

Annapolis Symphony Orchestra's Ode to Joy - Performance via Zoom
Smithsonian’s Museum Virtual Tour


Venice Italy
Northern Lights - Need clear night to see the Northern Lights. Nighttime is CST.

Norway by Train - not live but spliced together for a journey through snow covered Norway.

Cities around the world

A beach in Thailand - Miss the beach... The next best thing?