SOFO Annapolis
a collection of diverse retail shops, restaurants, and businesses located along
the south Forest Drive corridor in Annapolis

Latest News

Sofo is a local non-profit business association that seeks to represent businesses from all along the Forest Drive corridor which includes Wards 3-8. SoFo businesses include small, minority and women-owned businesses. The residents make up a diverse representation of the economy.  SOFO works with the businesses to create a more neighborhood feel along the corridor.

SOFO Accomplishments 2019

  1. Cleanup of Annapolis Middle School Fence and property in Spring and Fall

-cleanup and planting of wildflower garden at Bay Ridge intersection, known as Bay Ridge Garden Triangle

-200 bulbs planted along Bay Ridge Gardens Triangle

-Annapolis Middle School fence artwork installation from local school kids

  1. SOFO Movie Night

-Successful viewing of 4 free movies this summer on side of Bay Ridge Shopping Center and  Annapolis Library

-Free popcorn distributed from K&B True Value popcorn machine

-Beer and Wine Garden provided by Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits

-Food service provided by Grumps cafe

  1. SOFO HoHo

-Music provided by Heritage Baptist Church

-Over 380 gifts collected, wrapped, and distributed to Georgetown, Taylor Heights, Hillsmere, and Mills-Parole elementary schools.

  1. Government

-SOFO continues to have a voice with the city, a seat at the table at the monthly Business Leaders Meetings, as well as part of the Annapolis Downtown Partnership

-SOFO was part of the #ShopAnnapolis campaign, participating in the press conference an video completed by the city

  1. Social Media Presence

-SOFO Facebook page is active, now has over 730 followers (up from 380 at start of year)

-shared posts effectively increase business visibility on social media 

  1. Support of Annapolis Anti Doping Movement
  2. Donation to Bay Ridge Gardens backpacks and coats, as well as food donations for other local low income developments along Forest Drive Corridor

SOFO Goals for 2020

  1. Continued Installation of Artwork on Annapolis Middle School Fence with a grant from the 4 Rivers Heritage Area
  2. Continued Movie Nights this Summer/Fall
  3. Continued support and Adoption of Robinwood to improve this at risk community
  4. Continued Cleanup-planting of “Bay Ridge Gardne’s Triangle” and permanent SOFO signage close to this location
  5. SOFO HoHo
  6. Continued participation with City of Annapolis government and ability to have a collective voice on what happens along Forest Drive Corridor
  7. Driving business to you via SOFO social media presence

Officers and board members:
Jennifer Balducci, SoFo President and owner of One. Physical Therapy, Fitness and Wellness
Andrew Parks, SoFo Vice President and owner of Sam’s On the Waterfront
Lorie Stout, SoFo Treasurer and owner of Stoutgear Promotional Products
Dovie Metzger, SoFo Secretary and State Farm Agent
David Marberger, SoFo Board Member and owner of Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits
Jared Littmann, SoFo Board Member and owner of K&B True Value
Christina Rosettie, SOFO Board Member and comptroller at Main & Market

Membership continues to grow every year and remains very affordable to its members. Jennifer and Lorie, in particular, deserve credit for expanding the activities, geography, membership, and philanthropy of the organization.