SOFO believes that the residents of our community help to build our community in strength as a whole. There are many community efforts along the corridor to enhance the lives of the residents and SOFO believes in staying active in the community by helping to facilitate such efforts through charitable contributions.

Here is the SOFO Contribution Request form.

Please submit the SOFO contribution request form three months prior to your event. On a quarterly basis the SOFO board will review submitted applications and will be in touch with ways we may be able to contribute or volunteer.

SOFO will utilize the goods and services of its members to fulfill your request. 

The Center of Help in Annapolis received a $300 grant from SOFO for the purchase of 20 USB WiFi adapters on 2/4/21. Pictured here with Kirsten from the Center of Help, this will enable students in the ESL program and middle school equivalency program to study from home since they are currently unable to utilize the in person computers at the Center of Help.